Friday, October 26, 2007


So as most of you probably know, Wes left to go to Arkansas today for the next 5 days. Austyn stayed all night with dad tonight and will be staying with Mom and Vickey tomorrow night. Today has been very strange and not so unusual, just slightly discombobulating. I have had so many urges to pick up the phone and call Wes, just to be reminded that he isn't close to home to talk right now. While I have heard out of him twice to let me know he is safe, his phone service is very sketchy. I thought that today was going to be very productive, but getting home at 5:30 put a bit of a damper on the productivity. I feel very refreshed though and that makes the day a good one in the least. I went to Target, bought a new throw for the couch to snuggle under and new towels and rugs for the bathroom. Then came home, took a long bath (warm, not hot of course ;) ) and read my new Real Simple mag. Did get the bathroom super clean before I soaked, 1 room down, 5 to go. I guess thats progress :) I do feel very bad that I neglected a friend that wanted to get together today, I hope that she will forgive me when I try and call her tomorrow and set up a new meeting! Anyway, thats all for tonight, its 9:15 and strangely bed is calling my name already. Amazing what a little relaxing and an entire day of NO television will do to your mind!

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Anne said...

Of course I forgive you; this weekend was sort of hit-and-miss with lots of friends. Glad to hear that you're doing okay with no Wes for awhile. Wish me luck - I'm quitting my job today!