Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Sorry for the hiatus, this has been a crazy week! I made it through the days without Wes and Austyn and didn't get hardly anything accomplished that I had hoped to. For some reason time goes a whole lot faster if you think you have more of it than normal.
Oh well, all in due time!
Anyway, I have been completely congested and head achy for the last 4 days, otherwise feeling pretty good and getting a little bit of energy back. Dizziness is still hanging on though. If I move to fast or don't take adequate breaks when I'm working I feel like I may hit the floor! That's almost more bothersome than the nausea! But on the brightside, I'm able to eat a little more all the time and am feeling more pregnant all of the time! I guess I should tell my bosses now before they figure it out on their own :)

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