Saturday, November 3, 2007

Woo Hoo for Saturday!

Do you ever wake up and tell yourself that you are going to have a great day? The last 2 mornings I have woken up and said to myself, "Erin, you are going to make today amazing". And you know what? The funny thing is it has actually worked! I have told myself I'm going to feel good and be productive. I am going to appreciate every thing I can, even if its something I would not normally notice. Today has been great, got 2 bills that I thought I was a month behind on and found out that they are right up to date. Appreciating bills is not something I normally do, but strangely today it seemed appropriate to celebrate it. Simple pleasures I say, isn't that what its about, after all? Still have hopes for my Wildcat's even tho we are behind by 11 at half, we still have a whole half to go. Plenty of time to wake up and win a game!
I had 3 people ask me today either if I was pregnant or if I had something new to tell them. I was so excited by that, again, simple pleasure. I have felt the baby move twice now while I've been standing up, felt it more frequently while laying in bed focusing on relaxing though. Can't wait for my sono in a month or so, just so that I can quit calling the baby "it". Reading another blog by a preggo, she named the baby in her womb "bun". Thought it was cute, thinking I may steal the idea. At least "Bun" is better than "it" :)
Okay, I have to get busy, I'll post belly pictures very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey E!!
I had a great time tonight catching up with you!! I agree with the "bun" idea.. your little one is "baking" so it seems like a great nickname for now until you find out what the "bun" is :) Like always, I can't wait to hangout again!! I need to take your positivity about life! I think of myself as a "positive" person, but something "negative" always seems to float into my mind! AHH!!:) Well you made my saturday brighter!! Thanks!! :)

Hope you're having a nice relaxing night with pee-wee and hubby!!

Love. Manda