Thursday, November 15, 2007

Updated date maybe?

Crazy last couple of weeks, haven't had much time to even think, let alone blog!! I'm working a lot now, but hopefully my hard work will pay off in a few months when I need some IOU's cashed in!
I went to the doctor's office today for checkup and found out everything is progressing perfectly! Dr. Priddle thinks that I may be a few weeks farther along then we had originally thought. He thinks that my uterus is feeling more like 20 weeks then 17 so our due date may get moved up a little bit. My sonogram is scheduled for Nov. 29th at 4. I'm so excited that in 2 short weeks we will know what we are having and have a set time for when we will be parents again! The scary thing is how much there is to get done before the baby comes, especially if they move my due date up 3 weeks! Scary to think about how fast the next 4 1/2 months are going to go!!
Hopefully I'll have some more news by next week, but if not I hope everyone has a great Turkey day!! I hope that you are looking forward to eating a ridiculous amount of food as much as I am!! Thank goodness for 2nd trimester being done with morning sickness and what a better time to be pregnant!! Holiday eating sounds like fun to me!!

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