Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Baby Story on TLC

Dang pregnancy hormones. While I'm feeling better which makes me think that the hormones are calming a bit, the crying over silly stuff hasn't changed a bit. I have to admit that ever since Austyn, anything will make me tear up. A sappy commercial, song or ANY baby reality show. I still love watching a baby story and bringing home baby, as most of them follow first time parents that I can relate to. Now with baby #2 I feel so much more prepared for everything! That is very comforting and makes me think that I will appreciate everything with this pregnancy and baby a little more. I love my Austyn, she is my world, but it took me a bit and there are things that I regret to have not captured (pics/videos/journaling) with her. I love the little baby bump that I am starting to sprout and can't wait to find out what we are having so that I can start shopping. For now, I guess its all we can do to focus on finances, getting the house cleaned up and rooms moved around and sit and wait. After all, isn't that all that pregnancy is!

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Anne said...

Ahhh, I remember that. My experience, as much like an unfinished story as you can get, was thorough for how short it lasted. Example: I couldn't tell my parents I was pregnant because I knew I'd start crying (not that I wanted to), so I made Caleb, but sure enough, they look at me to confirm and I nodded and burst into tears. At least I have those memories I guess.

Good for you about doing things a little different this time around. Pictures, journals, and videos are great if they capture the memories for you, but not if they interfear with living the life you're documenting. We had to have that talk with Mom a few years ago.

Massive hugs to you + family, Erin!