Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

Yucky Monday's. Today was kind of nice tho, because when you work an 11 hour day on Sunday, Monday feels a bit like a vacation :). Yesterday cleaned an apartment and worked at the store for about an hour. Very bad apartment, made me want to come home and clean my own house!
Saturday was game day. Game was bad, but had fun with the experience anyway. I got fried though!! I wish I would've taken pictures of my face on Saturday night, not a very pretty sight! I guess after 24 years of having fair, easily-burned skin I should know better, but no. I didn't use sunscreen thinking, "I will be fine, it will be no big deal". In my defense tho, I read an article today which said that pregnancy makes your skin uber-sensitive, so, I'm sticking with that as my excuse. :) Although the loss in the game was crappy, we had a blast just being there! Tammy, thank you so much for the tickets!
Anyway, today I am officially 12 weeks along and I am starting to feel much more confident that I may be actually carrying a live human in there. 2 weeks from today we will hear a heartbeat and then it will feel much more official. I can't wait for that! I was really feeling yucky this morning, but felt much better as the day went on. I am thankful that everyday I seem to be feeling better, second trimester- here we come! Now, I can't wait for the exhaustion to subside, maybe a few more weeks and we will be in the clear for awhile!!
I will post some game pictures in a bit, stay tuned :)


Anonymous said...
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Anne said...

Ahhh, fair skin. I know nothing about that. Or the awful sunburns. I bet the game was a lot of fun - it seemed like a nailbiter on the radio! Congrats on the 12 week mark!