Monday, October 22, 2007

My Little Alien

We have a heartbeat!(Yes I'm breathing a sigh of relief)! Went to the doctor this morning, found out I've lost 3 lbs, heard a very good, strong heartbeat (fetal heart tones of 169) and had a pap. Yuck on that last part, but I guess its all part of the process. It was pretty funny though, as soon as Dr. Priddle put the heart monitor to my stomach out pops the beautiful sound of a heartbeat and I was so excited. It was such a huge weight off of my shoulders and I feel so much better about my pregnancy now. Dr P. said that after you hear a heartbeat at this stage the chance for miscarriage drops significantly. That was a relief! Anyway, short entry, just had to share my news and I will write more when I'm a little more rested than I am now :)


Anne said...

That is so wonderful, Erin! What a relief that must be to know that the baby's little heart is beating away! Dr. P is usually quite sensitive about so many issues - good to hear that he's your doctor. Are you able to keep more food down? Did you lose weight with Austyn too?

Erin said...

I lost like 20 lbs with Austyn and was HORRIBLY sick! This one has been much better, mostly just nauseous and tired. I love Dr. P and am hoping that he will deliver this time instead of Dr. Catterson who was on call when I went into labor with Ausytn.