Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quick note

Just wanted to write a quick note before I run to work, don't want anyone thinking their being neglected ;)
I was so excited this morning. My stomach has seemed much flatter the last few days, slightly bothersome, but I attributed it to the massive amounts of water that I have been drinking for the last 10 weeks. I have been drinking more caffeine (I know, shame) and it probably acted as a diuretic and flushed out what I was blaming on the baby. Anyway, this morning I was laying in bed, hiding under my blanket (it was 61* in the house, yes I was hiding) and I touched my stomach just out of habit. There was a very noticeable hard bump in there. What has felt like fat and flab for the last couple of weeks has started to come through as what actually feels like a baby belly. That makes me happy because it means that there may be something growing in there, which is comforting. I have lost about 6 lbs, probably because of the nausea but I'm guessing that wont be the case for much longer. With the start of the 2nd trimester this week, I have noticed some very good changes. My hair and skin has started to relax a bit, nausea and exhaustion has subsided a bit and my appetite has started to return (albeit very strange eating habits ;) ). Yesterday, for lunch I had pretzels, twizzlers and half of a blueberry muffin. Not overly nutritious but it kept the nausea at bay most of the afternoon.
Anyways, that turned a little longer than I had planned, just wanted to share my news :) Love u guys!

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