Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bowling night!

Tuesday bowling league.. always buckets of fun! Tiredness mixed with a sore back (Me) and sore ribs (Wes) makes for a little less enjoyable bowling night though. I'm sure that we will miss it tho when we are done for the season. It does get us out of the house and when you begin to feel like an old married couple that's an important thing!

Today was first ever picture day for little Miss A. Woke up early and curled her hair and put her in a jean shorts and a cute multicolored gingham tank top. It is hard to justify buying pictures from Lifetouch when I have such an unbelievably talented photographer for a best friend. Makes me a bit biased, I guess. I wonder what it's going to be like when little Miss H starts kindergarten and Nicole has to send her to get her pictures taken by someone sitting in front of a colored background. I will be looking forward to the day :)

Today was a good day, felt fairly crappy but I have to keep reminding myself that being sick is a very positive sign. I wasn't sick at all with the last pregnancy but was horribly sick with Miss A. I am thankful that this time is not as bad as with her but sick enough to know that I am probably in the throes of a healthy pregnancy this time. We can hope at least!!

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Anne said...

We all hope the same for you, Erin, that the sickness is a good sign. Were you sick throughout your pregnancy with A, or did it ease up during the second trimester? Is there hope in sight, I guess is what I'm asking :-)