Thursday, October 11, 2007

Change of focus

So, because at this point all we can do is wait on the baby thing and see what happens, its time to change or focus from baby to money. We can't do anything but sit and wait on the doctors to allow us to hear a heartbeat and monitor to make sure is everything is okay, so now its time to work on something we can control. After the 4Th referral to a book called The Total Money Makeover, I finally went out and invested. I really like his strategies and guidelines, very straightforward and to the point. I think that is exactly what we need right now. So this weekend we have planned on sitting down and working on a budget. One of Dave Ramsey's rules is that you have to tell your money where to go. Then the next step is to save $1000 for an emergency fund. He says this should be accomplished within a month, even if you have to sell things or take on more work. I like his thinking, this time is better than any, considering in a mere 28 weeks, we may have another mouth to feed (and clothe and diaper :)). So for the next few months we will be going on a financial diet, sorry if we seem like party poopers. Just forewarning everyone that we may be a little boring over the next few months while we get our finances under control. If anyone is interested, this book is definitely worth checking out. There is a book and a workbook. You don't necessarily need the workbook, but there is step by step directions in it that you don't get from the original book. Helpful for financially incompetent people like me :)
Anyways, no new news on the baby front. Morning sickness and exhaustion are starting to back off a bit. I still definitely get waves of both, but its better than the last 3 weeks where I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to function during the day. Next doctors appointment is a week from Monday and then Wes leaves for Arkansas the following Friday. We just found out that he will be gone from Friday through Tuesday or Wed, so if anyone would like to hang out or walk or go to the park with me and Austyn, let me know! I may need some adult conversation :) Also, please feel free to leave comments on my blog, I have lots of people telling me that they are reading, but only my lovely Anne is leaving me and feedback! I love hearing out of you all, makes me feel loved! Alright, work beckons, guess I probably ought to get there before it gets any later in the day!


Anne said...

It means a lot to me that you care and I assume that it is always nice to know that other people care. I care a lot and sometimes words written down are more tangible than words said. I think I might go check out that book. I have put us in a BIG money freeze at the moment - we desperately need to know where the money is going! And we will hopefully have a baby too sometime soon.

I don't have morning sickness, but I've found that I can usually eat a few peanut butter crackers every morning. They have some protein and substantial carbs for energy. A package of 8 smaller packages is $2.50 at Walmart. And the brand is Austins :-)

Anonymous said...

You are very loved!! I miss my quality Erin and Austyn time!! It was great fun this summer being home and hanging out with you guys!! :S Congrats on the financial diet.. I need one too!! :) Ill have to buy the book and check out his insight! Well give Austyn a great BIG hug for me! See you Saturday!! --MANDA--