Thursday, October 4, 2007

Productive Day!

Today has been a very good day! I am feeling much better today (hope that's not a bad sign) and have been fairly productive at home! I am starting to think in terms of making things better around the house sooner than later, so as to get the most out of my still small frame. I hope to get belly pics posted soon as there is a lot of difference in this 3rd pregnancy belly compared to the first one with Austyn. I can't fathom trying to hide it for 6 months again this time, as I'm almost done with 3 and am already struggling to hide it. Bigger belly means more time to fully enjoy the wonderfully curvy pregnancy body tho. Thinking positive :) I do loath stepping on the scale though, maybe it's bad weight watchers memories, who knows?
Can't wait for the doctor's appointment on the 22nd though. I need that heartbeat to settle my mind and own the thought that I am actually, as a friend recently said, "baking a baby". I love that line :) I actually considered running out to the store today to buy one of those baby heartbeat monitors. Had to remind myself that I'm only 11 and a half weeks and more than likely it wouldn't pick up a sound and would scare me even more. Only positive thoughts, no worries, everything is going to go perfectly!


Anne said...

I'm sorry that you're forced to think that way, but I know how it goes. Which doctor are you seeing?

Erin said...

Dr. Priddle... he was my doc with Ausytn and I really liked him, although Catterson delivered Austyn b/c she was on call. Damn going into labor on a Friday :) I didn't care much for her!

Anonymous said...

Priddle is awesome - did you know that I used to work at TWHG. It would have been fun to watch you go through this pregnancy. I knew that Nicole had a baby at 20 weeks and that she offered her photography service. I think it is noble and a definite way of using your experiences to make very important decisions. Working where I did, I knew women that utilized her for that reason and they were so grateful that someone was willing to help them out in that way. I just don't think you can expect the type of care that Mercy gives everywhere else - because there is very obviously not a consistent standard of care. For every positive story, there are two horrible ones. Or something like that. AnneR