Sunday, February 10, 2008

Calm before the storm.

OK, so it's been awhile since I posted. I am still fighting this cold/flu stuff, but that is no excuse for not dropping a line. I apologize. Anyway, no new real big news lately, just lots of time spent getting ready for Peyton! Cleaning house, doing laundry and shopping have been major time suckers lately and I have neglected my blog because of it!
I really need to stay off of the old navy baby website, I ordered another 10 things off of it yesterday! But, I can say everything was on sale and nothing was more than 7.50. So at least I'm bargain shopping! I love buying boy clothes now tho, no pink, no frills, just cute little blue and green pieces! So much fun. Don't get me wrong, girls clothes are much cuter, but with all of the clothing issues we have had with Austyn lately, its refreshing to buy blue :)
I've spent a lot of time at work lately getting things ready for my leave. I am tentatively planning on being off work from April 14th to May 12th. Then after that I will be working Wed and Thursday at night and Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day when Wes is home with the kids. We decided that the only way we could afford the summer while Austyn is home, is to not have either of the kids in daycare. Then when Austyn starts first grade in August, we will get Peyton into daycare and go back to our regular schedule. I think it will work out well, just limit the time that me and Wes spend together. But that is only for a few months and will be for a good cause, so I'm not worried.
Peyton has been REALLY active the last few weeks again, but as space is getting smaller in his little home, he's rolling a lot more than jabbing. Not a lot of sharp pains now, but definitely a lot of pressure when he sticks a knee or his back against my belly button and pushes with all of his might! He's always active about an hour before bed so Wes has had a good time "playing" with him, pushing on different spots on my stomach. Peyton then responds with a movement either in that spot or by moving to another area to get away from the pokes. I sometime wonder if he gets annoyed by people "invading" his area.
Thats all for now, have to go get motivated for the day!!

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Anne said...

Sweet girl, sister and I even caught the ickiness from Manhattan! Hope you recoup soon! Baby/Daddy/Mommy time sounds fun and Peyton's debut is getting so much closer! Have a great week!