Monday, February 25, 2008

Doctor's Update

I had my 32 week appointment this morning and got good news from the doctor. He still has a feeling that Peyton is large and wants to do another sonogram in 2 weeks along with my next appointment. He said that if it looks like Peyton is going to be pushing 9 lbs, then we will probably induce early. But he said that we could definitely induce a week early either way, so hopefully we will have a baby by either the 11Th or 14Th of April! Crazy to think how close that is!! So many things to do before then!! Otherwise, Peyton's heartbeat was good, right about 139. My blood pressure, proteins and iron all looked great. Weight was down almost 2 lbs from a month ago, but doc still didn't seem concerned. I'm weighing right about 10 lbs heavier than I was at my 8 week appointment, so at least I know I'm gaining and most of my clothes are still fitting with some alterations (such as the rubber band on my jeans button right now :) ). Anyway, I'm very anxious to see Peyton again in 2 weeks and told Austyn today that she could miss the first part of school to go with us again to see him, so she is excited too. Although, I don't know if she is more excited about seeing her brother or missing school :) Probably the latter! Hope all is well with everyone, those of you reading this that have blogs of your own need to update, I'm having blog withdrawal :)

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