Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Before I immerse myself in house cleaning for the morning, I wanted to jot a quick update! Nothing really new, just growing and stretching and kicking and wiggling. Peyton moves non-stop. Not big movements, just rolling and shifting which sometimes catch me off-guard when I'm waiting on a customer at work. Its hard not to be like "oh, wow, what was that!" :) I think I would get a few strange looks, but as its more obvious now that I am actually pregnant most people would probably understand. I have been told quite often lately that I'm getting "fat" now! I guess my customers are comfortable with me and know they can joke around with me :) 8 more weeks, its sooo hard to believe that I've already been pregnant for 32 weeks! Time flies by and I know these next weeks are going to go by even faster! I have a doctors appointment Monday morning, so I will update the latest after that!!
Can't wait for this amazing weather this week! With the way this winter has gone so far, a week of great weather is just what the doctor ordered!!

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