Thursday, January 24, 2008


My post last night was successful in that I did have a very productive evening! I'm not sure tho that the post changed my attitude or if it was the tearing in to the bathroom cabinets and organizing. There is something almost therapeutic about organizing. I'm starting to understand its calming effects. Maybe before Peyton gets here my house will be clean and organized after all :) My energy is starting to wain (from what it was 2 weeks ago), but I am going to keep truckin' b/c I want more than anything to have a completely clean, organized home the day that we walk in the door with our new baby. It is going to be such a relief to not have to worry about searching to find things and knowing exactly where things are going to be when I need them. I want everyone to hold me responsible to that b/c I know it makes me feel better when I am living in a happy place :)

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