Monday, January 28, 2008

28 Week Labs

Went to the doctor's office today for my 28 week appointment and labs. Everything turned out well, the glucose test was normal and so was the urine check, which means the UTI is all cleared up. Sorry if that's too much info, just the update :) Baby's heartbeat was 138 and I have gained exactly 10 lbs since my first appointment. It was pretty funny tho, when I drank the glucose sugar stuff, the baby started going crazy! Moving and shifting all over the place, he is definitely sensitive to sugar!
Austyn is home again today from school. She has vomited twice in the last 3 weeks at school and then when she gets home, is fine. She has had some sinus thing on and off, so I dont know if thats causing it or if there is something going on with school that may be making her feel yucky. I am going to email her teacher and see what her opinion is on the situation and what we need to do about it. I'll keep everyone posted!

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