Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! My Christmas gift to you all is to update my blog!! (I'll pause a minute for the cheering to quiet ;) ). So, I haven't been doing very well keeping this current. But to be completely honest, there hasn't been much excitement lately. I feel pretty good, tired and having a hard time getting things accomplished, but good. Starting to anticipate getting started on rooms. I can't wait to get pics posted of the progress (and then hopefully the completion :)).
We have had a great Christmas this year, busy, but very good! I didn't have to work at all today and only worked about 3 hours yesterday. As compared to the last few years, that is a big change! I am thrilled to have had some time off and am feeling refreshed already.
Austyn has really gotten into the idea of Santa this year and we really played it up! She woke up this morning and told us that last night she heard jingle bells and saw a red flashing light outside her window. Wes started laughing but I was envious, I wish I still had that great of an imagination!
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and I love you all!! Happy New Year!!

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