Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jumping Beans

Watching my belly the last few days has become a pretty humorous event. One of my favorite things when I was pregnant with Austyn was watching her turn over and my belly move, jump and take on different shapes. The last couple of days my belly has started doing that again and its so much fun to watch! Its crazy how in a couple of days Peyton's activity level has increased so much. I feel him frequently during the day, although late evening is definitely his most active time. Austyn is really getting anxious to meet her brother and enjoys feeling my stomach when he is bouncing a round. I think that her being able to go to the sonogram with us made it very real for her. She got to see that there is actually a baby in there and knowing that we are having a boy makes it much more real for us!
Otherwise, everything has been going well, we are busily trying to get ready for Christmas... slowly, but surely :)

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AnneR said...

Sweetie, I am truly excited by your impending arrival and I love that you are a mom who knows she wants to be a mom. I apologize for not being more supportive and encouraging, but please know that I only think of you and Wes as loving parents. My issues are my issues and don't let them rain on your parade. We are so very happy for you - don't doubt that!