Thursday, December 18, 2008

Resolution list.

I know its a little early, but with the list I'm about to share I figured I would need some time to gain focus and come up with a plan. I usually don't partake in the silliness of making New Year's resolutions, but next year is going to be my best year so far. I'm putting it out there and keeping the end result in mind. I am in a position right now that I could be completely at peace with a little effort and re-focusing. By the way, this list has been constructed over the last month, so lots of thought has gone into each resolution. Here's my top 10 :)
1. To respect myself and put myself first. Whether that means telling people what I need or changing the situation to get where I want to be.
2. To put my kids needs first only after my own so that I can be a better mom to them.
3. To keep up with bills and get completely out of debt by 2010.
4. To flush my life of toxic people and surround myself with people who will help me better myself.
5. To expect more from others.
6. To lose my last 10 lbs and then maintain (healthfully of course)
7. To grow my daycare business.
8. To be productive and full of energy, at least, maybe 80% of the time :)
9. To be back in college by August of '09
10. To be unconditionally happy and to know that I am creating my own happiness, no one else is responsible for that.
What are your resolutions?


Amber said...

Well Miss Erin I think those are all wonderful goals!!! I am excited for 2009 because I gotta tell ya 2008 was rough! I have a few goals for 2009.

1-Get healthier, not just me Ryan and Sully too!
2-Do more for the environment, I want to "Go Green"!
3-Do more for charity. Donate money help in shelters that sort of thing.

Think that's about it! As far as the top thee on my list go. Good luck with your goals!!!

Laura said...

I wish I could have been at the girls' lunch too. Matt and I went out to Old Chicago Friday night and I saw friends gathering that were back in town here and it made me sad not to be in Manhattan with you guys!