Saturday, October 25, 2008


Update on the Overturf household! Everything is wonderful and moving along perfectly. I guess that's why I haven't updated my blog in awhile. Its funny that when things are not quite right, we can find so much more to write about. And when things are good, we just feel like we are bragging when we write about how wonderful everything is. I love that I am able to stay home with the kids right now. I appreciate every minute with them now and am finally getting to enjoy them more than I ever have. I feel like I am finally a mom who is self-sustaining. With the quitting of my job, I now have control over my house, cooking dinner and occasionally allowing myself to take a bath with the door locked so Austyn can't come barging in (without feeling guilty :) ). I realize that I earn some time for myself (although I wish Wes would more often. I'm only partially kidding :) ).
Tomorrow is Austyn's big Halloween party. Somewhere around 8-12 kids will converge on my small house expecting to be entertained. It will all be worth the expense and time preparing just to see Austyn having a great time. I will post pictures next week and let everyone know how it goes.
Today I got to talk to a couple of wonderful friends that live out of town now and it was great to be able to catch up with them. Thanks to both of them for the great conversation and thank you for your friendship. I'm so blessed to have all of my great friends and love to be able to reconnect with people that otherwise I may have lost touch with.
Alright time to curl up on the couch with hubby, we're watching Leatherheads and trying to write, I'm losing what's going on with it :)

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