Thursday, April 10, 2008


I can't believe that in a mere 22 hours I will be laboring away, maybe a few short hours away from being a mother of 2. What a crazy thought. The house seems as ready as it ever will, I think that work is at least ready enough to make it through the weekend without having to call me and I think my body is ready to be in control of itself again. Not that I haven't actually really enjoyed being pregnant this time, because I have. But I think that a good thing can only last for so long and now its time to hold Peyton in my arms instead of carrying him in my belly. I have a feeling that if we weren't inducing tomorrow, he would probably be here any day now on his own because all of the signs are starting to point to it. But the induction at least gives me some guilty sense of control which I tend to need often. I keep reading on baby websites how there is no legitimate reason for induction unless its for the safety of baby or mother, but the doctor seems confident that everything will go perfectly and I trust his opinion. After all, already being 3 cm dilated, 70% effaced and having lost the mucous plug last night (sorry if TMI :)) but my body seems like its ready and may just need a little push to get going.
With Austyn I think I was naive so I wasn't nervous at all to have a newborn at home. Now due to experience and knowing what to expect, I'm again not nervous at all. Kinda strange being a bit of a worrier, I'm very calm and laid back about the upcoming events (although sleeping or attempting to tonight may prove my feelings are otherwise).
Time to go to work for the last day for 3 weeks. I feel a little sense of relief thinking that no matter what, the world is not going to fall apart while I'm off for a bit and the store will still be standing when I get back. Maybe a bit disorganized and chaotic, but still operational. I'm really looking forward to the time off to get to know my new baby and strictly take care of my real family, instead of my work family.
I will update with pictures as soon as I get some free time next week!

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