Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day.

I promise that this whole post isn't going to be political. I just realized that its been way too long time since I updated and thought that this morning would be a good time to do it! What a great day, not only b/c the weather is supposed to be a balmy 41* and sunny, but because we have a NEW PRESIDENT, people! Now, I'm not being boastful because the candidate that I supported won, because honestly even if John McCain were accepting the task today, I would still be just as elated. The key here is that our dear Pres. Bush is adios. I honestly contemplated buying one of the "Jan. 20, 2009: End of an Error" bumper stickers, but didn't because I decided that my silly Bush-loving husband would probably refuse to ride in my car. President Obama most definitely has his hands full stepping into his new role, but my hope is that he can prove all of the cynics wrong and come thru with flying colors. I know that all of the foul ups caused by our previous pres will take a long time to correct, maybe even longer than Obama's first term. But if he stands behind his word, I believe that we can make major strides in these next 4 years.
Okay, enough, I promised that it wouldn't be all political. But, to be completely honest, there's really not that much to report on the home front :) The kids are doing wonderful, Peyton is growing like CRAZY and Austyn is doing really well in school, learning how to read more everyday. I can't believe how close Peyton is inching to his one year mark. It seems like just yesterday that he was born! Alright, Peyton just started yelling from his crib that he is ready to start his day so, I guess that's my cue. Enjoy this momentous day, if you want to come celebrate with me I will be staked out close to the television all morning :)

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Laura said...

I am with you...so excited to see what Obama can do and happy to see Bush go out the door! Happy Inauguration day to you too!