Friday, September 12, 2008


After almost 3 months without a computer, we are finally back in business! So here is a quick update for everyone who doesn't know what is going on in our lives and give you a bunch new pictures of the kiddos!! As of the 3 weeks ago, I am officially a SAHM!! I quit Dara's at the end of August and am getting ready to open up a home daycare!! I'm sooo excited and love being home able to focus on my family!! Austyn started first grade and is loving it already! She really likes her teacher and I think that she is going to be good for Austyn. Peyton is growing by leaps and bounds!! He is rolling over and has gotten very animated. He is still a very happy baby and is getting his very own personality(which happens to be stubborn, just like his mom) :) Everyone is doing great and now that I have my computer back I will try to get the blog updated more often ;)

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Anne said...

Wow, Erin, Peyton is huge and Austyn looks way too grown up! What fun ages they are both at and now you get to enjoy them 24/7, which is awesome! What an opportunity!