Sunday, September 30, 2007


Welcome to our family's little place on the net. Here you can find updates on our family and my exciting new pregnancy. My other blog is a little dark and I decided I needed to create a happy place to show off the fun side of things. Let me take this time to introduce us: Me, Erin: Wife, mother, manager, Mary Kay rep, housekeeper, dog keeper, kid keeper. Husband, Wes: Wonderful husband, father, carpenter, laborer, dishwasher :), dog keeper and wife pleaser ;). Child, Austyn: Amazing 5 year old, kindergartner, full time colorer/doll player/drawer of stars. Then there's Tobey (the dog), Daisy (the cat) and the soon to be named new arrival. but those are pretty self explanatory. Soon to be named, considering my sonogram is about a month away. For everyone who may ask, we will DEFINITELY be finding out the sex (although I have strange feelings already that its a boy) and will hopefully have a name chosen soon after. Wes' choice is Payton Manning Overturf so far. :) Maybe Peyton, that is definitely an option, but the Manning would be a no! On the darker side, if you are just now finding out about the pregnancy, I apologize ahead of time. We decided to wait a bit to tell anyone considering the last pregnancy ended at 10 weeks. I haven't had a chance to tell everyone in person yet, so if you didn't know, I'm sorry. That's all for now, I will try to be diligent in my updates!

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Anne said...

I love you and am so excited for your news. It's really hard to make the decision to wait to tell everyone, but it's one I completely understand. Please give your family giant hugs for me and know that we'll be praying for a very healthy and happy 30 weeks left. Love, AnneR